Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine

I'm Sabrina Bennett. I'm the older sister of Jamie and Sophie Bennett.

Trust me when I say this, you never believe it's possible until it happens to you. I swore I'd never believe in the Guardians again, but here I am on my way to becoming one. It's funny how things can flip so quickly. How a girl's life can become filled with so much light when it was always clouded with darkness. This is the story of my life, enjoy your stay.

((I follow the tags sabrinathefiregirl, sabrinathefiregirlrotg, and sabrinathefiregirl rotg. Please do not tag me with 'sabrinathefiregirl-rotg'. Before calling me a Mary Sue, get to know me first, would ya?
Thanks! I'd love to rp with you if you want. Just shoot me an ask or something.))

Current M!A: None.

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